This is my ode about the time I spent with my grandfather on Cape Cod. I hope to honor the summers we shared and the teams we rooted for by reuniting a game used bat for every Red Sox position player from 1975 to 1986. This is for you Gus!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Stan Papi

Before there was Big Papi there was Stan Papi, but in the hearts of Fenway's faithful they could not have been more different. Stan Papi was brought to Boston for one reason, to move eccentric, left leaning, fan favorite Bill Lee out of town. Fans never let him forget it and instead of welcoming him with open arms he was treated with the cold shoulders of an entire city.

Papi's short lived stint with Boston also marks the period that my family temporarily moved from Framingham Massachusetts, a city of brick smokestacks and diehard Red Sox fans to a small town in central Connecticut with rolling hills of tobacco and people who actually root for the Yankees. Things could not have felt more foreign to me and I struggled to find my place in a new community. I imagine that Papi felt the same, but for his part he never complained. My mother has a different story to tell about me. After little more than a season Papi was traded to Philadelphia and I was starting a new school year back in Red Sox country. Even though both Papi and I experienced tough times in 1979 things improved for both of us with the changing of the decade.

9 bats down 74 to go.


  1. That's a nice piece. Never understood that deal.

    1. Thank you Mark. The reason Lee was shipped out of town had nothing to do with his ability to pitch a baseball. It had everything to do with his inability to get along with Don Zimmer. I was sad to see him go. Thanks for reading!