This is my ode about the time I spent with my grandfather on Cape Cod. I hope to honor the summers we shared and the teams we rooted for by reuniting a game used bat for every Red Sox position player from 1975 to 1986. This is for you Gus!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Steve Dillard

Before Bill James and his flock of devotees replaced birddogs with sabermetrics, Milt Bolling roamed the Southeast hunting down baseball talent. Milt was a baseball man of the old school variety, driving across the vast states of Alabama and Mississippi to watch young talent from old rickety bleachers. Originally drafted as an infielder by the Red Sox in 1948 it was not until the mid 1970's that his true baseball genius was revealed. Among the talent he discovered were three rookie members of the 1975 Red Sox team; Andy Merchant, Butch Hobson and Steve Dillard.

Steve Dillard hailed from Saltillo, Mississippi and developed his baseball skills on the diamond at Ole Miss. Drafted by the Sox in 1972, he made it to Fenway as part of a 1975 September call up and got two hits in the first game he started. If not for multiple shoulder injuries and a glut of talent around the infield at Fenway his career might have turned out very differently. After three season of limited playing time Dillard was traded to Detroit for two minor leaguers and cash.

3 bats down 80 to go.

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